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Fortis LNG helps customers adapt to a low-carbon energy future by connecting them with high quality liquefied natural gas at the lowest reasonable cost

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Fortis LNG is the only Canadian company currently supplying clean, low-cost LNG to Asia.

Fortis LNG is developing markets for Canada’s abundant clean energy along one of LNG’s shortest shipping routes to East Asia.

Abundant, low-cost natural gas supply

Canada has enough natural gas reserves to maintain production for up to 300 years. Our LNG facilities are connected to those reserves by an existing system of pipelines that has been supplying affordable energy to Canadian and American customers since the 1950s.

An LNG industry leader

With 50 years in service, FortisBC Energy Inc.’s Tilbury LNG facility has a reputation as a trusted leader in Canadian LNG.

An expansion of the Tilbury LNG facility went into service in 2018 and the Tilbury LNG facility is the first in Canada to supply LNG for export to China. A Detailed Project Description for a further phase of expansion has been submitted to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada. The Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion project contemplates up to a 142,400 cubic metre new tank and new liquefaction capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year.

Tilbury Phase 2
Powered by renewable energy

The Tilbury LNG facility is powered by renewable hydroelectricity and produces LNG with some of the lowest carbon intensity in the world. By using clean hydroelectricity, the facility’s carbon intensity is about 30 per cent lower than average global LNG.

Hydro dam

Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by approximately 50% when you switch from coal to LNG


Up to 27% greenhouse gas reduction for marine vessels using LNG from Tilbury compared to other marine fuels.


Sulphur oxides are reduced to almost zero, particulate matter by up to 99% and nitrogen oxides by up to 95%.

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Tilbury has been producing LNG on the West Coast of North America since 1971. Learn more about the facility, Fortis LNG and plans for the future.